Hearty pies

Pie with ham and cheese

Unconditional leader of our menu! Thousands of people chose this particular pie! And you, do not pass by! Filling: ham, cheese, sour cream, greens

A pie with cabbage

Treat your body with healthy and easy food! Easy solution for an easy lunch. Filling: cabbage, egg, pepper, salt, fragrant oil, onion.

Cake with fish

In the pie, there may be small bones. King's pie with fish! The pride of our menu! Only with us and only for you! Filling: trout, herbs, pepper, salt, mayonnaise

Pie with chicken and mushrooms

Who lives well in Russia? Someone who eats pie with chicken and mushrooms every day. Tasty, simple, in our way! Filling: chicken, champignons, onions fried, butter.

Pie with egg and green onions

Shoping cart

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