3 osetian pie for 999 rub

Ossetian pie with beef

Especially for you, we find fresh select meat! If you are terribly hungry, and are ready to swallow an elephant, then this pie is just for you! Filling: beef, onion, garlic, potatoes.

Ossetian pie with chicken and cheese

This masterpiece is included in the top of our menu! The combination of chicken fillet and Ossetian cheese gives a magical taste. A pie with chicken and cheese is one of our modest achievements! Filling: chicken, cheese, onions.

Ossetian pie with cheese

A traditional pie with cheese is a taste tested by generations. It is perfect in all respects and has no analogues. Try once, you will remember it forever. Filling: cheese, potatoes.

Ossetian pie with chicken and mushrooms

Do you like chicken? It does not matter. The important thing is that you will definitely love this masterpiece of cooking: a pie with chicken and mushrooms. Filling: chicken, mushrooms, onion.

Ossetian pie with apple

Try our new pie! Filling: apples

Ossetian pie with pork

Pie with juicy minced pork of unsurpassed quality! This pie will not leave anyone indifferent. Filling: pork, garlic, onion, potatoes.

Ossetian pie with cherries

Try our new cake! Filling: cherry

3 за 999

Ossetian pie with fish

Ossetian pie with fish

In the pie, there may be small bones. What is the Ossetian pie with fish? It's all richness of the taste of the filling in a thin layer of delicious dough. The leader of our fish menu! Filling: trout, mayonnaise, dill.

Ossetian pie with mushrooms and potatoes

Now you no longer need to go to the forest for mushrooms to taste the fruits of nature. Enough to order this natural pie! Filling: potatoes, onion, mushrooms.

Ossetian pie with potatoes and fried onions

Do you like it hotter? Then take the pie with potatoes and onions! Moderately sharp, tart taste, in a traditional form. Filling: potatoes, onions, dill.

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